Harry Toumbos



In 2009 I picked up my first DSLR to serve me through Year 11 and 12 in High School. I was lucky enough to share a teacher for both Photography and Design who nurtured my passion and once I finished school I began studying Commercial Photography.

I dropped out of that course as I found myself being pushed towards a singular view of photography as a means to an end. I noticed a lack of creativity and vision becoming apparent amongst other students, as if the conditions were breeding mediocrity. I soon realised that as much as I had grown in the technical and theoretical side of photography I needed to explore other concepts.

At the beginning of 2012 I packed my bags, moved to Melbourne and enrolled in a Bachelor of Photomedia and Graphic Design. This expansion of vision through education in design concepts simplified my approach and made me reach for a medium that would allow me to express my relationship with my work. Enter film.

Shooting film has created an environment where I'm forced to consciously work a scene or subject to create what I envision which leads to an instant disconnect. Only after the film is processed and scanned do I get to re-connect, at which point I'm ready to pass judgement without bias.

I think my overall ethos in what I create can be seen as expressing a concept or narrative as simply as possible through the use of design concepts within photographs.